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Tony Logun

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Tony grew up in the European country of Ukraine. He was an active child involved in water polo, gymnastics, chess club and traditional Ukraine Folk dancing. His family relocated to the United States when Tony was 13 years old.

Middle school was a difficult transition for Tony. He did not speak English or understand American culture. He was an outcast and was bullied for being different. He endured the taunts for the next several years.

At York High School, Tony learned about Villa Park Boxing club from a fellow peer. He finally found a place where he belonged and he now was part of a team. The Boxing Club was an outlet for his mental and physical stress, and it helped him focus.

After 15 years with the Boxing Club, he is taking the reins as the new president of the organization. "I could not let the club close. The club was there for me when I needed it and now it's my turn to be there for the youth." said Logun.